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The original Elli's homepage is in Finnish. This is a brief English translation. So far most of the links refer to pages written in Finnish, but do go ahead and look at the pictures.

Elli Maria Reinikainen was born on April 5th, 2002 in Espoo, Finland. Now her age is 22 years, two months and 18 days.


Elli lives in Vihti, Finland with her parents Mikko and Mari Reinikainen, and her little sister Emma. She has a lot of relatives and friends.

Favorite things

Elli has many kinds of favorite things: favorite foods, toys, books, music, plays and places.


Elli has several hobbies. She goes to baby swim, musical playschool, baby club and church's family club.


We have made notes on Elli's development. Elli's growth is also being monitored on the child health clinic's chart and on the growth curves.


Some important events in Elli's life have separate presentations: pregnancy, paternity pack, Elli's delivery, news from Elli's birthday, Elli's name, First Christmas.


Elli has produced some drawings, clay work and printing.


The gallery containts photographs, texts and videos.

Contact Information

For the time being Elli's dad and mom are responsible for these pages, because Elli's writing skills are still lacking. [Ensimmäinen perhekuva]
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